Law Office Brampton

We are Brampton’s Law Office. There are several Law office in Brampton and Mississauga. Some have just started while others have been around for years. Mark Alter’s Law Office has been serving Brampton for over 30+ years. Our services are not limited to Brampton. We provide all kinds of legal services for the residents of Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Woodbridge and other regions of Peel, York and Toronto. Mark Alter’s is a premier Brampton’s Law Office. As Brampton’s popular law office, we are a popular choice of residents for personal injury claims, civil litigation, car accidents, family law, slip and fall injury claims and much more.

Slip and fall injuries can happen when you least expect them. As Brampton’s Law Office experienced in several cases like this, Mark Alter’s Law office is an excellent choice for you. Occupiers of premises have specific responsibilities to keep their property safe and free of danger. Whether the fall takes place in a grocery store, someone’s slippery property or in a public place, we can explain your rights in the face of such negligence.